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Mary & John

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Latest Photo Scenes

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Several photos were taken outdoor near Alice's house.



A set of 15 portraits taken in my studio.

Go Go Dance

Portfolio photos

A day spent in Royal Dance School.

Random Photos


My archive: all photos were taken in 2018.

Blog List

A Dreamlike Adventure

September 12, 2028

15 photos capturing special moments.

Real-World Fairy Tale Landscapes

September 11, 2028

List of top twenty locations worldwide.

Taking Photos in Sunny Days

September 9, 2028

Primary rules to get splendid postcards.

Photoshoot in the Forest

September 7, 2028

Heading to the forest? Don't forget to carry these things.

Folk Dances

September 12, 2028

A collection of twenty bright photos. Fairy Tale Dance Festival in Toronto.

A&A Wedding Day

September 11, 2028

Max and Sara having the perfect wedding day in Central park.

Card Title Three

September 9, 2028

A collection of twenty bright photos. Fairy Tale Dance Festival in Toronto.

Card Title Four

September 7, 2028

Max and Sara having the perfect wedding day in Central park.

About me

I'm a photographer

I was born with a camera in my hand. Or not. Anyway, I love making photographs of happy people. I always try to capture them beautifully. I graduated Awesome Photo School, and got Top Magazine Photo Award in 2017.

I Offer Services

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Great Pictures

You'll get a set of splendid photos in two months. I can work shoot your portraits, love stories, and also I am a food photographer.

Color Correction

Vibrant Photos

I use professional apps for color correction and retouch. Please view photos in my portfolio to see examples.

Photo Books

Keeping Memories

If you want to keep your memories for a long time, I can create an old-fashioned photo book for you.

Services Price


$ 50
  • 1 Hour Photoset
  • Special Suit on Choose
  • Less than 3 days to Process


$ 150
  • 1 Hour Photoset
  • Special Place and Decoration
  • Special Suit on Choose
  • Drove you to the Place

All Day Photo

$ 350
  • Event or Holiday Photography
  • Unlimited Time During the Day
  • Less then 1 week to Process



10 Street, Los Angeles, CA, 93050


+1555 234 4567




Mario is a wonderful photographer. The photos are just perfect!

- Susan Crossman


I'm satisfied with the result. I look awesome! And my wife too. Much appreciated.

- Adrian Carey


I got my photos in two weeks! Great! The pictures are the best!

- Jennifer Bawerman


Well... he missed the deadline. But the work is awesome anyway, so I'm happy.

- Stephen Jenkin


Projects & Exhibitions

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